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50 Debut Albums.

On twitter people have been listing their favourite 50 debut albums. A great idea, largely overseen by @StaggerLee30 , I have found all the lists interesting and revealing.

Here are my 50 favourite debut albums. Some are great, some aren’t, some are popular, some aren’t. They are all albums which I have spent a great deal of time being obsessed with.

The first Rolling Stones album is a powerful mix of loud, confident youthful swagger.

The album which caused the most interest was C.A. Quintet's 'a trip thru hell'. The rip on youtube is far superior to a vinyl copy.

The album which got the most ‘favourites’ was King Tubby meets The Upsetter At the Grass Roots of Dub.

50. Stump - a Firece Pancake 

49. Echo & the Bunnymen - Crocodiles 

48. Star Wheel Press - Life Cycle of a Falling Bird

47. Orb - Adventures Beyond the Ultraworld 

46. Sinead O’Connor - the Lion & the Cobra

45. The Pogues - Red Roses for Me 

44. Bad Brains - Bad Brains 

43. Portishead - Dummy 

42. Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young - Déjà vu  

41. New Model Army - Vengeance 

40. James - Stutter 

39. King Tubby - King Tubby meets the Upsetter at the Grass Roots of Dub 

38. Evil Blizzard - the Dangers of Evil Blizzard 

37. The Sisters of Mercy - First and Last and Always 

36. Tom Waits - Closing Time 

35. Kate Bush - the Kick Inside 

34. The Smiths - The Smiths 

33. Prince Far I - Psalms For I 

32. Young Marble Giants - Colossal Youth 

31. Motorhead - Motorhead 

30. Moby Grape - Moby Grape 

29. This Mortal Coil - It’ll End in Tears 

28. Popol Vuh - Affenstunde 

27. Damned - Damned Damned Damned 

26. Sex Pistols - Nevermind the Bollocks  

25. The Abyssinians - Satta Massanga / Forward on to Zion 

24. The Sensational Alex Harvey Band - Framed 

23. Melvins - Gluey Porch Treatments 

22. Stevie Ray Vaughn - Texas Flood 

21. Zion Train - Passage to Indica 

20. Mikey Dread - African Anthem 

19. Roy Harper - Sophisticated Beggar 

18. The Byrds - Mr. Tambourine Man 

17. Led Zeppelin - Led Zeppelin 

16. Pink Floyd - The Piper at the Gates of Dawn 

15. Big Youth - Screaming Target 

14. the Shirelles - Tonights the Night 

13. Bob Dylan - Bob Dylan 

12. Dusty Springfield - a Girl Called Dusty

11. The Fall - Live at the Witch Trials 

10. C.A Quintet - a Trip Thru Hell 

9. Captain Beefheart - Safe as Milk

8. Ramones - Ramones  

7. The Velvet Underground & Nico - The Velvet Underground & Nico 

6. Hawkwind - Hawkwind 

5. Bert Jansch - Bert Jansch 

4. The Congos - Heart of the Congos 

3. Syd Barrett - the Madcap Laughs 

2. Cocteau Twins - Garlands 

1. Rolling Stones - Rolling Stones


In 1932 Fats Waller began his own radio program on WLW, a powerful Cincinnati radio station which was heard throughout the Midwest. His show, “Fats Waller’s Rhythm Club”, was an instant success.

The show proved popular and in 1934 he returned to New York where he broadcast the “Rhythm Club” show over the CBS network to a still larger audience.

Full details of Waller’s radio career can be found in Fats Waller on the Air: The Radio Broadcasts and Discography, by Stephen Taylor (Scarecrow Press, 2006)

(Source: greenturtleisland)

My Favorite Albums from the 1970s.

As 2014 started twitter people began to list their favourite albums from the 1970s.

I was born in the 1960s, and became a teenager in the 1980s. We lived on the outskirts of Huddersfield; geographically and mentally somewhere between ‘The Last of the Summer Wine’ town, and ‘the League of Gentleman’ village.

I remember the 1970s; it was a simple and happy place. These are my favourite albums from the 1970s.


2: Syd Barrett THE MADCAP LAUGHS Dark Globe

3: The Fall DRAGNET Spectre vs Rector

4: The Wailers CATCH A FIRE Concrete Jungle


6: Hawkwind HAWKWIND Be Yourself.

7: The Congos HEART OF THE CONGOS Children Crying.

8: The Raincoats THE RAINCOATS.

9: Ramones IT’S ALIVE Pinhead.


11: Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band CLEAR SPOT Big Eyed Beans From Venus.

12: Grateful Dead WORKING MAN’S DEAD Uncle John’s Band.

13: Steeleye Span NOW WE ARE SIX, 700 Elves.—gpp4K-AbU

14: Roy Harper STORMCOCK One Man Rock n Roll Band.

15: Scratch & the Upsetters SUPER APE Dread Lion.

16: the Damned DAMNED DAMNED DAMNED Neat Neat Neat.—erJSsmraY

17: Simon & GarfunkleBRIDGE OVER TROUBLED WATER Keep the Customer Satisfied.

18: Big Star SISTER LOVERS Holocaust.

19: The Specials THE SPECIALS Nite Klub.

20: the Sensational Alex Harvey Band FRAMED.


22: Blondie PLASTIC LETTERS I’m on E.

23: Tom Waits SMALL CHANGE.


25: Kraftwerk AUTOBAHN.

26: Leonard Cohen LIVE SONGS Bird on a Wire.

27: The Slits CUT.

28: John Cooper Clarke DISGUISE IN LOVE (I married) a Monster From Outer Space.

29: Motorhead MOTORHEAD.

30: Mikey Dread AFRICAN ANTHEM Resignation Dub.

31: Bob Dylan SLOW TRAIN COMING You Gotta Serve Somebody.

32: Mickey Newbury SINGS HIS OWN Weeping Annaleah.

33: Nina Simone IT IS FINISHED Funkier Than a Mosquitoes Tweeter.

34: Jethro Tull AQUALUNG Locomotive Breath.

35: Neil Young AFTER THE GOLD RUSH Only Love Can Break Your Heart.

36: Gene Clark NO OTHER Life’s Greatest Fool.

37: Prince Far I PSALMS FOR I Blessed is the Man.

38: Rainbow RISING.


40: Shinki Chen & Freinds SHINKI CHEN.

41: Abba ARRIVAL Money Money Money.

42: Kate Bush THE KICK INSIDE The Man With a Child In His Eyes.

43: Gong THE FLYING TEAPOT The Pot Head Pixies.

44: BlackDykeMillsBandHIGHPEAK FOR BRASS Pandora.

45: Burning Spear GARVEY’S GHOST Ghost.

46: John Denver BACK HOME AGAIN Annie’s Song.

47:Derek & Clive DEREK & CLIVE LIVE This Bloke Came Up to Me.

48: Ginger Baker’s Airforce GINGER BAKERS AIRFORCE Toad.

49: Wings BAND ON THE RUN Jet.

50: Bay City Rollers ONCE UPON A STAR Bye Bye Baby.





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